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Cassburn Clock Repair Hospital

Last Updated 2019-05-27

European trained clockmaker with many years of experience. All ages and most types of clock repaired.

Located in Eastern Ontario in Canada near the villages of Vankleek Hill and L'Orignal. This is a 1 hour drive from Ottawa, Montreal or Cornwall.

Jennifer, the resident artist, does wonderful paint restoration and wood finish colour matching. Some of Jen's paintings can be viewed here - Jennifer's Art Gallery

Please feel free to email us with any questions about your clocks as well as our repair services.

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Past work includes - Tallcase, Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter, Mantle, Wall, Regulator, Bracket, 400 day Anniversary, Atmos, Cuckoo clocks and their music boxes.

Early battery type mantle clocks such as Bulle, Eureka, Poole, Barr. Early battery powered Master and Slave and Self-winding clocks such as Synchronome, Gillett & Johnson, IBM, Blick and Gents.

Movement types including Fusee, Pinwheel, wooden gears, spring wound, weight driven, alarm and... Quartz! Chimes including or hour types plus bell and musical alarms.

Worn dials can be re-silvered, repaired or replaced. Damaged painting on faces, chapter rings, moon dials or door glass can also be restored.